Monday, June 22

See the pretty flowers...

My parents, by brother and I would come to reside at the farm after a new home was constructed for my father's parents just down the hill. My grandmother had planted lots of roses and perennials at the farm. My mother continued to care for the gardens as my grandmother had. Her flower beds were the envy of the neighborhood, there was always something blooming.
The dress I'm wearing was made by my mother. I'm not sure when she found the time to sew. I guess when you like to do something that much you make the time. I also think it was a way to make the few dollars a farmer makes to go a little further.

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Sharon said...

You are such a doll! My mom used to make all of our clothes too. We were always dressed perfectly. Those were different times back then & little children were always dressed nicely & were taught to behave nicely too. Thanks for sharing such a precious photo with us:)