Saturday, July 26

Long days begin at 4 AM.

On a dairy farm the cows get milked twice a day. Our morning milking started at 4 am. I didn't have to endure this everyday...thank goodness. But once or twice a month I would take my place in the barn at this hour. Most days it was 6 or 7 am when I got out of bed.
But those mornings that I did have to get up and was with my father in the barn were special. Of course when the alarm went off you didn't think so. But the barn was always welcoming. Warm, full of the animal smells and their noises. And you got to see and experience things that you would miss otherwise. Those sunrises over Pudding Hill, and the pink sunlight would come streaming through the windows of the open doors in summer. The songs that the birds start their day with is amazing.

Friday, July 18

Growing up on the Farm

  • Living in a farm community.
  • Living in a neighborhood where you KNOW all the folks.
  • We made our own fun.
  • There were some chores that were not fun.
  • Long days.
  • Open spaces and acres of woods.
  • Natural wonders.
  • Fresh food.

I plan to use this list as a starting point to describe what I remember about my time on the farm. Sharon started me to thinking about it. So, I'll see what I can come up with.