Friday, July 18

Growing up on the Farm

  • Living in a farm community.
  • Living in a neighborhood where you KNOW all the folks.
  • We made our own fun.
  • There were some chores that were not fun.
  • Long days.
  • Open spaces and acres of woods.
  • Natural wonders.
  • Fresh food.

I plan to use this list as a starting point to describe what I remember about my time on the farm. Sharon started me to thinking about it. So, I'll see what I can come up with.

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Sharon said...

I just noticed that you started this new blog...thank you! We actually have friends who live on the island of Jersey and we got to visit them in June of 2001. What a beautiful island and of course, we learned that that's where the Jersey cow originated from. Also, neighboring island Guernsey is where the Guernsey cow came from. Can't wait to hear more about your farm life!