Monday, June 29

Milking Time

I was reminded by a post Straight From The Teat at Making Love in the Kitchen that drinking raw milk is something the not everyone gets to experience. We drank raw milk from our Jersey cows and skimmed the cream off to make butter and whipped cream. We drank it skimmed in order to use all the cream. It tastes just like any good pasteurized milk. I love cold milk. I think there is nothing more refreshing. I recently read that milk has more electrolytes that sports drinks. WOW!
The picture above is of my father at the end of the day's milking. He is pour milk out of a "bucket Milker" This process of getting the milk into the bulk tank to cool was modern in it time. Shortly after this photo was taken we installed a stainless vacuum pipeline system.
Photo from Surge Web site.


Sharon said...

What a fun way to grow up with all those animals! I'm sure you had a lot of work to tend to though. I was just a city girl roller skating, hula hooping, chores, but I sure would have liked to visit your farm!

Rita said...

It took me a long time to get to where I could drink store bought milk after leaving home. And, I felt I was being lazy if I sat down to watch TV without the butter churn between my knees.

Great memories.

thanks for visiting my site.

Jientje said...

Beautiful memories of days long gone. I love the picture of your father. We had raw milk too when I was a kid, my parents made us get some at my grandfather's house. I hated that chore, and I hated milk. I still do. But I love the memories.

troutbirder said...

One of my mom's sisters had a dairy farm and we were always carefully instructed not to drink raw milk. So much for big city kids have a 1950's farm experience. :)