Tuesday, January 25

My Father with His Father in "New" Milk barn

My mother told me about my father being drafted into the Army after he graduated from High School in 1951. He was given an extension to allow him to help finish building the new milk barn. This picture must have been taken before he left for his time at Fort Benning, Georgia were he was a tank mechanic. My mother hadn't met my father yet. She would meet him when he came home to visit on leave. I'm told it was a hard thing for my father to leave that new barn and the new milk system in order to serve in the Army.

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Anonymous said...

It was always hard...

I came home from Japan in 1955, met my wife at a small restaurant, and dated her a couple of times before I had to go back to Japan.

Then my father passed away from Cancer and I came home after the funeral (that was as fast as I could make it) and met her again and this time we got married. On July 12, 2011 we will have been married for 56 years.

After we were married, I had to go back to Japan. That was a very hard period for me and her. Nine months or about nine months later I got back to the states and my wife was ready to deliver our first baby. The baby is now 55 years old.