Monday, October 13

Pine needle playhouse

I was reminded this weekend as I was raking my white pine tree needles of the hours we spent as kids making pine needle playhouses. It was simply raking the needles into a very crude outline of a building very much like what you see on a blueprint. We would make rooms with doors and windows and see how extravagant we could make them. I don't know that we spent any time in the finished "house" we just spent lots of time raking and thinking about our future dream house. We would also rake all the pine needles into one huge pile and make a nest. Good clean fun. No batteries required.

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Sharon said...

Don't you just love those childhood memories! The kids now-a-days think that they need something that has batteries or connects to the internet. I remember playing elevator in the closet, mermaid in the pool, trying to run to the corner & back before the sparkler went out, singing to Beatles records & putting on plays for our parents, etc. etc. Oh, the good old days!
Thanks for sharing your memories.