Friday, August 8

Saturday Morning Breakfast with Grammy & Grampa

I don't remember how old I was or how it started exactly. Elementary school I guess. Saturday mornings I would get up before six and try to get to the old barn where the young stock were before my father did. I'd start the chores; cleaning the manger and water bowls, feeding the young cows & calves grain, hoeing the manure out from under each one and putting fresh sawdust back in. Dad would come from the Big barn with buckets of warm water if we needed to feed really young calves milk replacer. Once everything was in order, the best part...I would get into the farm car with my father and my uncle and we would go down the hill to my Grandparents for Breakfast. Grammy would make tons of food. Oatmeal, Johnny cake, eggs, bacon or sausage, homemade donuts or toast, Coffee, Tea, OJ, milk, homemade butter and yes, we always had lots of Maple syrup to put on or into anything that needed sweetening. We would sit around their oval table and my father to my left, my uncle and Grampa to my right and Grammy across from me. After breakfast a quick catnap or for me some cartoon watching and then back up to the farm to do more chores.

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Sharon said...

What a wonderful memory!